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Australia Government

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Does Australia have a queen?

Queen Elizabeth II of Britain is formally Queen of Australia and is the constitutional monarch.

Whose advice does she accepts?

The Queen accepts the advice of the elected Australian Government to appoint a Governor-General, who represents her. The Governor-General has wide powers, but by convention acts only on the advice of the Prime Minister.

What is Australian government based on?

Australian government is based on a popularly elected Parliament with two chambers, the House of Representatives (Lower House) and the Senate (Upper House).

Federal government

Australia is a liberal parliamentary democracy, similar to the USA and UK. It is based on: freedom of speech & association And religious tolerance.

Who is the Leader of federal government

Federal Government’s leader is called the Prime Minister: The Hon. Scott Morrison (present) member of the Liberal Party of Australia

State government

Each State and Territory has its own democratically elected government and leader: the State Government leader is called the Premier And the Territory leader is called the Chief Minister.

Does federal and state government cooperate in anyway?

The federal and state governments cooperate in many areas such as education, transport, health, and law enforcement.

Local government

Local government councils control the urban and rural areas, taking care of issues such as local transport, rubbish collection and town planning. The leader of a council is called the Mayor.

What are local councils for?

Local councils are active in providing services such as libraries, childcare services as well as activities and events. Local councils also promote their regions as study and tourist destinations, so they sometimes have interaction with education agents.