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What is CRICOS?

Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students It is a register of all educational institutions and courses that are offered to international students in Australia, provided by the ESOS Act.

What are listed in this register?

Each institution and course is provided with a unique identifying number. These numbers are listed on CRICOS, which is an online database and is available to everybody.

What happens when an institution or course is not registered in this?

If an institution or course is not registered on CRICOS, it is NOT possible to apply for a student visa to study in Australia in that institution or course.

Is there any chance of not getting listed on CRICOS?

Some students may study a short course on another type of visa (tourist or working holiday visa) which permits them to study for a short period and may not be listed on CRICOS.

Why is this CRICOS provider code important?

• It identifies the education institution as a registered provider of education and training to overseas students ; • It clarifies who is legally responsible for provider obligations under the ESOS Act. This is important both for students and agents.

What is CRICOS course code?

Each course has a unique Course Code. It has the length of the course, course cost, or the entrance requirements.

Why do we require this course code?

Some courses may seem to be same but they are different, we can identify them with the help of this course code.


Though it Take's some time Have a View!

What is PRISMS?

PRISMS is the Provider Registration and International Student Management System, which is a web-based database.

What it does?

PRISMS produces and tracks all Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) documents that are produced for international students studying in Australia on a student visa. These CoEs are necessary for the issuing of student visas.

What is CoE?

An CoE is a Confirmation of Enrolment. This is a web-based document created by PRISMS that records which course or courses a student is enrolled in.

How is PRISMS different from CRICOS?

PRISMS is a secure web site and requires a login identifier and password. This differs from CRICOS, which is a publicly accessible database.