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Full Time Study

Only students who have enrolled in full-time study can apply for a student visa, with the exception of Doctoral (PhD) students waiting for their thesis to be marked.

What is the duration of the visa?

The duration of a student visa generally depends on the dates of study detailed in the Coe's that are submitted with the application.

Can a student have debts to the Australian government?

The student must not owe money to Australia, or have agreed repayment plans in place. A declaration on the application form will normally satisfy this requirement.

Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)

The key integrity measure the Department of Immigration and Border Protection makes in granting a student visa is whether the applicant is a genuine temporary entrant. That is, are they coming to Australia for genuine study purposes and have a realistic prospect of returning home once their studies have finished.

GTE requirement factors

• The circumstances in the applicant’s home country. • The applicant’s potential circumstances in Australia. • The applicant’s immigration history. • The value of the course to the applicant’s future. • Any other matter relevant to the applicant’s intention to stay temporarily.

Financial capacity & Health Requirement

There are three options to provide financial evidence

• Option one: 12 months living expenses. • Option two: annual income of parents. • Option three: secondary exchange students only.

To meet the health requirement, a student must be free from a disease or condition that is

• considered to be a threat to public health or a danger to the Australian community • likely to result in significant health care and community service costs to the Australian community. Likely to require health care and community services that would limit the access of Australian citizens and permanent residents to those services already in short supply.

What are the factors that are considered as evidence?

• The relationship of the sponsor. • Income, assets and employment history of sponsor/parent. • Previous visa history of the student.

57) What are the sources of evidence of financial capacity?

• Money deposit with a financial institution (bank). • Loan with a financial institution (bank). • Government loans. • Scholarship.

English language proficiency requirements

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DHA have designated certain English proficiency tests as acceptable and prescribe minimum standards

• International English Language Testing System (IELTS test) 5.5 • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Paper-Based test 527 • TOEFL internet-based test (also known as TOEFL iBT) 46 • Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) test (also known as Certificate in Advanced English) 162 • Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE) 42 • Occupational English Test (OET) English test: Minimum test score: Pass

Health Examinations

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How can we arrange for a health examination?

An online system known as medical processes health examinations results electronically and these are forwarded to DHA for assessment.

What if a student requires health examination outside of Australia?

They must contact an Australian panel doctor in their country.

Who must undergo these health examinations?

Permanent and provisional visa applicants Temporary visa applicants.

Who does not need these health examinations?

Students might not need to have all the health examinations again if you had any in the last 12 months. Your referral letter will tell you what examinations you need to take.

How to check whether one needs health examinations or not?

Students has to go through the following steps: • Log in to their ImmiAccount. • Go to their application. • Click on the 'View health assessment' link in the Applications Status section. If he/she needs to have health examinations, they will find a link there called 'Organise health examinations'. There will be no link if he/she doesn’t require to have health examinations.

Health Insurance

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Is health insurance mandate?

DHA requires evidence of Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) to demonstrate that the student is adequately insured.

Are there any exemptions?

Exemptions are only for students from Norway, Belgium or Sweden who have acceptable health cover from their home country.

Does the student has to pay for health insurance?

Education provider often include the option to pay for health insurance in the enrolment fees.

What if the cost is not included in enrolment fees?

The student will need to obtain OSHC insurance and provide OSHC policy details in the application.

How long should the student have OSHC?

A student (and any accompanying family members) must have OSHC for proposed duration of their student visa. e.g., they must have OSHC taken out for the entire period from the date they arrive in Australia on their student visa to the expiry date of their student visa.

General Faq

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