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Duration of Diploma is 1-2 years. It is the same level as a diploma that is offered by a VET institution.

Undergraduate bachelors degree

Duration of undergraduate bachelors degree minimum 3 years. This is the basic university qualification is required for entry to a profession.

Bachelors degree in honours

Duration of bachelors degree in honours 4 years. This takes an additional year after a bachelors degree with a focus on research. Honours may also be granted where outstanding achievement is recorded by students bachelors degree course of four or more years.

Mark masters degree research MPhil

Duration of mark masters degree research MPhil 1-2 years. Admission requires a bachelor degree with honours but student may also be admitted after completing a graduate diploma and having specific work experience.

Can we Have a non university higher education in Australia?

Yes, TAFE institutes, specialized institutes and other private colleges provide post school qualifications. However they mostly offer courses to a diploma level.

International Student Numbers

Australia is now a world leader in the provision of education to overseas students, Who study at all levels within Australian universities and in all disciplines. 410,925 international students from 193 countries.

Postgraduate certificate

Duration of postgraduate certificate is 6 months. Here we can develop vocational knowledge and skills in a new professional area.

Post graduate diploma

Duration of post graduate diploma is 12 months. This involves further specialization within a systematic and coherent body of knowledge.

Masters degree coursework

Duration of masters degree coursework is 1-2 years In depth understanding of a specific area of knowledge usually by independent research.

Can we transfer to PhD program from MPhil?

Yes it is possible to transfer to PhD programme after a one year full time work in MPhil course

Duration of doctoral degree (doctor of philosophy) PhD

Duration of doctoral degree (doctor of philosophy) PhD is 3 Years. This is the highest award offered by Australian universities.


Some of these non university institutions offer degrees in specialized areas that no universities cover. For example, the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) offers degrees in military subjects or the Endeavour College of Natural Health offers degrees in alternative medicine.

India Student Numbers

Has larger shares of students in vocational education and training (VET).

Entry Requirements

What are the entry requirements for getting into a Australian university?

Students should have a sufficient level of English language proficiency and minimum economic requirements.


Language proficiency entry levels may be different from those required for student visa.

Does Australian universities have their own English language center?

Yes, They do have their own English language centers or they might have links with English language colleges which student can utilize for getting good proficiency in English language.

Academic Requirements

Requirement for Undergraduate degrees

Require an Australian Senior School Certificate of Education (Year 12) or the overseas equivalent of this.

How about Undergraduate courses for international students who have attended an Australian high school?

Entry to higher education institutions is normally based on completion of Year 12 and determined by the student's tertiary entrance score or rank.

Requirement for postgraduate courses

Requires completion to a satisfactory standard of a Bachelor degree. Prospective students may also need to demonstrate research ability or relevant work experience.