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Streamlined and Regular



Streamlined and Regular Evidentiary Requirements

Streamlined Evidentiary Requirements


Regular Evidentiary Requirements

Under the SSVF, students associated with the lowest
evidentiary rating will have streamlined evidentiary requirements
and generally these students will be able to satisfy the Department
of their financial capacity by providing a declaration with their visa
application and their English proficiency by a Confirmation of Enrolment from
their education provider.
The Genuine Temporary Entry (GTE) requirement
remains the key measure that determines if a student is eligible for the grant
of the visa. 
While evidence of finance and English is not
required with the visa application, DHA retains the right to ask for financial
evidence from any student if there is specific intelligence that suggests there
may be a problem with the financial capacity of the student.

Regular applications require a student to
present two extra pieces of evidence with their visa application: financial
capacity and English language proficiency evidence.

Evidence of Financial Capacity

       – Genuine Access Requirement


All funds that can be accepted as evidence must be
clearly available to the student in order to pay for their studies and living
costs. The factors that may be considered include:

The relationship of the sponsor (e.g. a parent
or guardian’s funds are appropriate, but “family friends” bank accounts
are not normally acceptable)

Income, assets and employment history of

Previous visa history of the student (e.g.
have they had difficulties in the past)

Students cannot rely on their ability to earn money
through work in Australia as evidence of having funds.
The following are sources of evidence of financial

Money deposit with a financial institution

Loan with a financial institution (bank)

Government loans


There are three options to provide financial

Option 1: 12 months living

If a student has dependants, they
need to show access to relevant funds for the accompanying family unit (spouse
and/or children).
Each school-age child requires
AUD $8,000 for each year of schooling they will require (unless they have been
provided with an exemption from a Government High School).

Option 2: Annual income of

Show evidence that the annual income
of the student’s parents (combined if necessary) or spouse exceeds AUD$60,000
per year. If one or more members of the applicant’s family unit are seeking to
satisfy the secondary criteria for the Student visa, they will need to
demonstrate an income of AUD$70,000 per year.
This information must be provided
on Government documentation (such as a tax return) which less than 12 months

Option 3: Secondary exchange
students only

Show a completed Acceptable
Advice for Secondary Exchange Student (AASES) Form

English Language Proficiency Requirements

DHA have designated certain English proficiency
tests as acceptable and prescribe minimum standards.

Test Type

Minimum Score

Minimum Score  where combined with 10 weeks ELICOS

Minimum Score  where combined with 20 weeks

English Language Testing System (IELTS test)

of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Paper-Based test

internet-based test (also known as TOEFL iBT)

English: Advanced (CAE) test (also known as Certificate in Advanced English)

Test of English Academic (PTE)

English Test (OET) English test: Minimum test score:



Exemptions :

1.ELICOS, Schools, Secondary Exchange and
Postgraduate Research Students
2.Students who have successfully completed, in the
two years prior to student visa application, the requirements for a Senior
Secondary Certificate of Education, in a course that was conducted in Australia
in English orStudents who have successfully completed, in the
two years prior to student visa application, a substantial component of a
course leading to a qualification from the Australian Qualifications Framework
at the Certificate IV level or higher that was conducted in Australia in
English while the applicant was holding a student visa.

3.Foreign Affairs and Defence sponsored students
4.Students who are citizens of, and hold a
valid passport issued by:
United Kingdom            United States of America New Zealand Canada Ireland

5.Study of more than five years in English in one
or more of the following countries:

Australia United Kingdom United States of America New Zealand Canada Ireland South Africa