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Telephonic interview

Telephonic Interview       or GTE Call

What is known as GTE call or Telephonic Interview? 

It is considered as First point of contact by the university to understand the requirement of the Candidate planning for the desired Course. This helps both the parties to understand each-other on how does the university precodure and process operates and to clear out if any appears. 

Does it is mandatory to get an GTE call? 

Some Universities may appear with interest in approaching to the Candidates but it is not mandatory.

What happens if the GTE call interview gets rejected?

90% of the Time this dosent gets rejected, if the candidate is not ready with the required information an alternative time slot is scheduled. Usually it is advised to get prepared for the basic questions such as about course info, Duration, Future plans and such stuff. 

Does Every-University follows GTE CALL??

Its Once again advised this is not an mandatory requirement but some times this might be happening, This will be helpful to understand the University and Candidate

What time does the GTE call might appear.

Usually The call will be operating in the Office Hours of I.S.T Timings.

Does the GTE call comes from immigration?

Nope, This is an advisory requirement from the Department of Home affairs for the universities to understand the Student.

Here’s how the Questions might be 

What Your Full name, DOB

Tell me about your self

Are you planning for Next trimester or Semister?

Why are you preffering this University

Do you know about course credits 
if yes explain <- No Brief just general

How well are you exited to join the course

IF you have any queries you can ask us.