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Graduate &Master’s Degree

1. What are the four types of master’s degree?

  • Post Graduate master’s degree
  • Post Graduate research master’s degree
  • Executive master’s degree
  • Integrated master’s degree

2. How long does it take to complete a master’s degree?

Master’s programs can take as short a time as 1 year to complete and as long a time as 6 years, with 2–3 years being the average.

3. What are the three stages academic work involved in a doctoral degree?

Doctoral studies involve three stages of academic work, which in total can take anywhere from four to eight years such as course work, independent research and dissertation defence.

4. What happens in a dissertation defense?

In the defense, the student presents to and answers questions from the committee to establish mastery of the subject matter and explain the basis for their research findings. If successful, they are awarded the doctoral degree.


5. How long does it take to complete a doctoral degree?

A doctoral degree is the highest earned academic degree in US post-secondary education. It is often considered very challenging to complete, so students applying must be very serious about their studies and about what they want to accomplish,  which in total can take anywhere from four to eight years to complete a doctoral degree.

Applying to graduate schools in the US

6. What elements are to a successful graduate school application?

Good grades are only part of what is assessed. Good reference letters and a sincere personal statement are essential, to supplement academic transcripts and test scores.

7. Statement of purpose:

  • What they want to study at graduate school;
  • Why they want to study it;
  • What experience they have in their field;
  • What they plan to do with their degree once they have it;
  • Why their research is relevant to the higher education community and the world in general;
  • A statement that demonstrates they can speak and write English well enough to be successful in a program.

8. What is the location of a graduate program which is important tointernational students?

 If the student is hoping to work in the US in a particular region or city especially if they are in a professional or practical program a school’s location can be very important to the decision of where to apply. This is particularly the case in terms of internships which can turn into real jobs in cases where the student has done very well in a placement.


Financial aid and scholarships for US Graduate School

9. How much can it cost to study at the Post Graduate level in the US?

Tuition fees in the US vary widely from institution to institution, Private universities usually have one set fee for both local and international students, while at public universities in-state students generally pay less than out-of-state and international students.

10. What would an international student have to demonstrate to be considered eligible for a teaching assistantship?

Teaching assistantship require that students work in some capacity teaching in exchange for financial aid. International students interested in these will have to prove they possess exceptional academic rigor and sufficient time to manage their own work as well as the extra work involved in the teaching assistantship.

11. Are there sometimes opportunities for international students to work while in graduate programs?

culture of American schools

12. Desired Degree

The courses and institutions required for a student to achieve a desired outcome degree will be simple enrolling in the higher education institution from which they want to achieve their desired degree. 

13. Are students assessed at the end of courses in American schools or throughout the course?

 International students, like domestic ones, will be continually assessed on their academic performance via exams, essays, labs, and class participationExams and assignments tend to be scheduled throughout the semester, allowing students to obtain feedback at several times during a course, as opposed to at the end.

14. Are students allowed to question their professors’ points of view in American schools?

Students are encouraged and often expected to ask questions and express their opinions in the classroom, seminars, and discussion groups. Even questioning one’s professor is a common practice. 

15. How is plagiarism punished in American schools?

Copying someone’s words or ideas and presenting them as your own  is a serious academic offence. Whether it is done intentionally or not, plagiarism can result in a failing grade, or even suspension.

16. What are some ways international students can improve their English skills while studying?

  • Take ESL (IEP) courses;
  • Choose roommates who do not speak your native language;
  • Engage in social activities where you speak English;
  • Pick partners for your lab or study group who will communicate in English;
  • Encourage your spouse to take ESL courses and socialize with some friends in English.

17. What kinds of clubs are there for international students to join?

  • Fraternities and sororities.
  • Student government;
  • Academic societies;
  • Music and theater groups;
  • Intramural sports;
  • Student newspapers, television, and radio stations.

18. What are two symptoms of culture shock?

Some of the feelings typically associated with culture shock include:

  • Difficulty with coursework and concentrating;
  • extreme homesickness;
  • fatigue and difficulty sleeping;