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VISA Conditions

When a student is issued
with a student visa, there are conditions attached to it. 
These visa
conditions are
often expressed as numbers. 
NOTE: Australian
authorities do not require students to have a visa label in their passport. VEVO  is a free online facility that allows Australian visa holders,
employers, education providers, financial institutions and government agencies
to check the visa details including conditions and entitlements of a visa
VEVO requires a registration and login. To check/verify the status of a
student visa and its conditions, go to the VEVO
It is essential that every
agent informs their students of the need to comply with their visa conditions.
If a student does not comply, their visa may be cancelled and they may need to
return home. There is also a three year ban (exclusion period) on re-entry to
Australia if a visa is cancelled for breaching visa conditions. 
The following table
explains visa conditions that are relevant to most students, there are other
visa conditions that may apply to the primary visa holder or their family
members. This information will be included in the visa grant letter and also in

vevo website>>

Condition Codes And Explanations




The student must maintain enrolment in a full-time registered course that provides a qualification at the same or higher level than the course which the visa was granted to, and satisfy their provider’s requirements for attendance and course progress.


The student must maintain adequate health insurance during the time they are in Australia.


The student’s must continue to satisfy the requirements for the grant of the student visa. For example, a student must continue to have sufficient financial funds to support their study and stay in Australia.


The student visa holder must maintain adequate arrangements for the education of any school-age dependant who is in Australia for more than 3 months.


If the student is under 18, he or she must maintain welfare arrangements with either a parent, close relative or legal custodian or if welfare is approved through the education provider the education provider must approve arrangements including when arrangements change.


The student must keep the education institution informed of their current address in Australia. They have 7 days to notify them of any changes.


The student will not be eligible to lodge a new visa application in Australia and must return to their home country first, unless exceptional circumstances apply.


The student will not be eligible to lodge a new visa application in Australia and must return to their home country, unless the applicant gives evidence, in writing, that the Commonwealth or the government of the foreign country, as the case requires, does not oppose the applicant undertaking a further course of study.


The student cannot work more than 40 hours per fortnight when their course is in session (other than work which has been registered as a part of the course). No work limits apply during recognised periods of vacation offered by the education provider. No work limits apply for Postgraduate Research students (subclass 574) once their course has commenced.


The student’s family member, who was included in the primary applicant’s (i.e. student visa holder) application and was granted a visa, can work up to 40 hours per fortnight.