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Working Rights Of Students

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What are the working rights of students?

• They cannot expect to meet their tuition fees from the work they undertake in Australia; There is no guarantee that suitable work will be available , • Working may help them financially, but it is unlikely to provide substantial funds , • Working in Australia gives them the same rights and protections in the workplace as any Australian citizen.

Can a student do unpaid work?

Yes and it is not included in the limit of 40 hours per fortnight only if the work: • is of benefit to the community , • is for a non-profit organization , • would not otherwise be undertaken in return for wages by an , Australian resident (that is, it is a designated volunteer position), and • is genuinely voluntary (that is, no remuneration, either in cash or kind is received, - board and lodging acceptable)

How about a Dependent of the student holder?

A dependent of a student visa holder is subject to condition 8104 which permits the holder to work a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight once the student (main applicant) has commenced their course.

Is there any exemption for dependent to work?

If the student's course of study is a course for the award of a masters or doctorate degree that is registered on CRICOS, a dependant may work unlimited hours.

Do Student visa holder need to apply separately for work?

Student visa holders (and their family members travelling with them) do not need to apply for permission to work separately once they arrive in Australia. A person on a student visa permits the student to work 40 hours per fortnight while their course is in session and unlimited hours while their course is not in session.